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Thomas Harrison Anthony is a Creative Freelance Retoucher currently based in London. After receiving BA Hons in Photography 7 years ago, he has worked with high end agencies, design studios and photographers in the industry, building his extensive skill set in various genres. His work has been published in a number of fashion magazines and in many online digital content websites along with shop window displays and billboards. Thomas enjoys any opportunity to work in house or from his own fully equipped studio, bringing a wealth of creative experience to each image he works on. He continues his side photography projects as he travels, documenting both his own life and those of others around him.

Conceptualisation and composition:
• Creative backgrounds
• Interiors and landscapes
• Compositing multiple images
Retouching specialities:
• Colour correction • Detailed masks
• RGB and CMYK colour matching • Proofing for print
• Lighting, reflection and shadow alterations
• Silhouettes for jewellery, clothing, electronics and more

High-end skin refinement:

• Beauty portraits • Blemish removal
• Eyes, hair and makeup clean
• Texture retention and lip enhancement
Client List

Design Studios l Photographers l  Fashion Editors l Creative Agencies l 
No job is too big or small, Thomas is happy to work on everything from ad campaigns to book covers.
Retouching ©ThomasHarrisonAnthony and respective photographers
Photography ©ThomasHarrisonAnthony
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